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We deliver inspiration & engagement.

Join us for our 6th annnual MetroWest Conference for Women on September 15, 2022.  Our mission is to create lasting experiences for women, close to home. Since 2016, our MetroWest Conference for Women volunteers have created an annual SOLD-OUT event averaging 500 guests; bringing together speakers, vendors, entertainers, sponsors, attendees, business owners and community leaders to support and learn from one-another.  In this, our 6th year, we will once again offer in-person and virtual components.

A unique experience for local women.

We are different from every other conference, period.

  • We are affordable.
  • We are personal and intimate.
  • We highlight and connect local women.
  • We bring you relatable, relevant information from women in your community.

A Message From Our Board

After four years of sold-out conferences, we remain excited and committed to our goal to add information, resources, networking and mentoring within the MetroWest region that increases the opportunities available to all women as we lead into our 5th year.

We will continue to do this with accessible, relevant, and local experiences featuring topics that matter most to our region.

The annual MetroWest Conference For Women will inspire, connect, motivate and move local women through every stage along their path.