Central Mass Conference Speakers and Emcee



Panel 1:  Using Your Most Powerful Tool – Your BRAND 

Description: Do you understand your brand and how to use it to help your business grow? Building a successful brand requires consistency and commitment. It is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing plan. In this panel, we’ll uncover tips on how to include your voice and visual message in your writing, social media, and videos. You will walk away with new ideas to keep your brand in front of your audience.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Understanding your brand: What it is, what it means, what it does. 
  • You can’t be everything to everyone and you shouldn’t be                                             
  • How to best represent your brand in video, writing, and social media.

Panel 2: Resilience, Growth, Social & Emotional Intelligence

Description: In this panel, the participants can expect to understand the journeys of the amazing women presenting, and also hear insights about:

Key Take-Aways:

  • Adopting resiliency as an aptitude.
  • Leveraging the right tools and techniques to achieve growth. 
  • How self-care is a key aspect of having social & emotional intelligence.

Panel 3: Promoting Diverse Cultures

Description: Guess what question our panelists hear all the time? “Of course I want a diverse and equitable workplace, but what can I actually DO?” It can be incredibly frustrating to have the best of intentions and still feel stuck. This panel will explore all facets of turning aspirations in to action when it comes to promoting diverse cultures in the workplace. They’ll cover how it looks as an individual, on teams, in leadership, and across organizations.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Discover what a diverse culture in action looks like.
  • Learn what steps you can take to contribute to a diverse culture whether you’re an ally or from a historically marginalized community.
  • Practical solutions for dealing with instances of inequity in the workplace.

Panel 4:  Creating Financial Freedom and Making a Social Impact

Description:  When you think of an abundance mindset, where does your mind go? Do you have limiting beliefs about how much money you can make, whether you are capable of building multiple streams of income, or what you can achieve? No matter what your idea of abundance looks like, the right mindset can help you live life on your terms. When women have more money, we have more choices, options, and the ability to make an impact on the social issues that we care about most in our communities and beyond. This panel of experts will explore how you can create abundance in your life by adopting the right mindset and creating multiple streams of income to become financially independent. 

Key Take-Aways:

  • Cultivating An Abundance Mentality.
  • Knowing Your Worth and Asking for What You are Worth.
  • Building Multiple Streams of Income.

Panel 5: Creating Sustainable Change

Description: Actualizing sustainable change requires bold vision, strong community, and consistent self-love. We will explore different layers of social change — within ourselves, our communities, and the world. Standing in our collective power, we will examine how women not only have the capacity to create, but to lead, sustainable change in a world that needs it more than ever.

Key Takeaways:

  • We can make a difference that makes a difference, despite the headlines.
  • Simply BEING can change the world.
  • Discover your true power then learn how to add it to our collective power.

Panel 6: The Female Financial Perspective: Accomplish financial security while you invest in your future and live in the now.

Description: Learn to overcome your money fears and take action to create a financial foundation. Get started with investing and learn how to protect your family and nest egg from unplanned and untimely events.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Face your money fears and start talking about money!
  • Establish your financial foundation and prepare for uncertainties – Long Term Care, Life & Disability Insurance.
  • Get started investing by defining your goals and time horizon, selecting your asset allocation and asset location, and then dollar cost average in.

Panel 7: How to Present Your Brand Online On Your Own or in a Team

Description: In this panel we will cover how individuals can showcase their personal brand in their digital footprint, whether you’re running your own company or are part of a team.

Key Take-Aways:

  • How to develop and elevate your professional or business brand.
  • Creating a strategy around your organic content in emails, posts, blogs, social media (including LinkedIn) and speaking engagements.
  • How to nurture and maintain your professional network in support of your brand.

Panel 8: Reinvent Yourself by Investing in Yourself

Description: During this program, you will learn how to hold yourself accountable for your own happiness and well-being…and maybe even how to influence others to do the same.  By taking responsibility for ourselves, we have the ability to impact those around us and become a better version of ourselves.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Our panel of subject matter experts will guide you through applying the 3 key pillars of wellness; Emotional, Nutritional and Physical wellbeing and how to use these pillars to get what you want out of life!
  • Learn how to prioritize self-care using tools, techniques and change behaviors from our team of professional health and wellness coaches to help connect the dots between self care and self-love.
  • Work-life, Home-life, School-life, or Social-life: learn some REAL-LIFE tips on incorporating healthy habits in all aspects of life!

Panel 9: Make SHIFT Happen: Fostering Diversity of Mind, Body & Spirit

This presentation will explore tools for integrating approaches to physical, emotional, and spiritual identities in the workplace and in our personal lives. Join us to push beyond traditional discussions of DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), Mental Health, and Weight Stigma by creating safe spaces. These new strategies will help turn negative thoughts, poor self-image, and doubt – from roadblocks into open doors and opportunities.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Why is Weight Stigma a social justice and leadership issue? How can we focus on our strengths as people not bodies?
  • How can divorcing toxic culture lead to opportunities? Learn three steps to vocalize and visualize a new self-image
  • How can we reconsider our unique minds and step fully in our authentic power?

Panel 10: Building Relationships in an Evolving World

Description: Our world is changing rapidly requiring our methods of forging and reinforcing personal and professional relationships to keep pace. We will discuss pre-pandemic versus current options for interactions and networking and their impacts, how to balance community involvement with self-care, and explore creative approaches to successful connections in 2022 and beyond. 
Three key take-away points:
  1. Live vs. virtual 
  2. The currency of time
  3. Leveraging your tool kit