PIONEER valley Conference Speakers and Emcee


At the Pioneer Valley Conference for Women, we are committed to highlighting the local women who work, live and thrive in the cities and towns in Pioneer Valley. Each year we reach out to the community to hear from women in our region who are experts, ready to share their passion and hard work with women, close to home.

ALL SESSIONS ARE RECORDED for viewing at your convenience.  Your $25 ticket gives you access to these videos on-demand following the conference.

From Passion to Potential: Tools & Tips for Creating an Authentic Career Path

The pandemic has presented an opportunity for us to reflect on how we may or may not be satisfied with our career paths. In this panel, we’ll share our own experiences of following our passion to zig-zag through jobs as we continue to build our most authentic careers. We’ll share tips and strategies for building a career path by aligning your skills and expertise towards your passion.

Key Learning & Takeaways:

  • Your personal interest and passion can drive your career decisions
  • Your authentic career path is a series of small steps towards your curiosity
  • Quieting your “Inner Critic” can help you listen more closely to your Inner Mentor (“dialing down tools”)
  • Using LinkedIn most effectively can help you brand yourself accurately
  • Design thinking can create structure for the process


Resilience: Building Bold Confidence Through Relationships

Confidence is identified as a key component of success. In this discussion we will explore the building blocks of confidence and obstacles to increasing it. There will be a focus on the importance of building strong relationships and how it positively impacts confidence. Panelists will share personal stories of success to illustrate different levels of confidence.

Key Learning & Takeaways:

  • Learn how to initiate, nurture and stay connected in your relationships
  • Learn 5 tips to build/increase confidence
  • Identify the obstacles that can block your confidence
  • Learn how to use relationships to build confidence


Caring for Self and Others During Challenging Times

These are challenging times we live in, especially the quarantines and lockdowns that are affecting the psychological and social needs of human beings. This panel will discuss issues of grief, home caregivers, and domestic violence. Incidents of drug overdoses, drinking and mental health crisis’ are also up and will be covered by these experts.

Key Learning & Takeaways:

  • Be kind to yourself
  • Know your resources
  • Ask before something happens


Authentic Storytelling to Drive Engagement & Prosperity

Let’s bring you on a journey to find your most authentic self through storytelling and the use of visual mediums. Our panelists will help to define authenticity and discuss ways to connect the power of your story to the medium you’re using. As an entrepreneur, you are not only selling your product or services. Come learn how to share your own truth, and own it!

Key Learning & Takeaways:

  • You’ll find ways to create authentic credibility in your industry
  • Ways to implement storytelling practices that stay true to your values
  • Tangible ways to connect and engage with your audience


From Despair to Hope with Laughter & Love

    Creating a framework to navigate the journey from self-doubt, fear, and failure to a state of self-actualization, compassion and joy.

    Key Learning & Takeaways:

    • Learning to say “Yes and ..” to your hopes and dreams while learning to quiet your inner critic.
    • Learning to flip Imposter Syndrome on its head.
    • Self-compassion is two parts; One-part self-acceptance and one part “Get’er DONE!”